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Broken Sigil - William Meikle

Broken Sigil - William Meikle

Internal Affairs officer, Joe Connors is responding to a police officer shooting his partner when he came out of a house waving his gun at the officer and raving like a madman. The officer that was killed also happened to be his ex-best friend. The reason for being an ex-friend is because he ran off with Joe's wife years ago before she died. As Joe investigates the inhabitants of the apartment house, he discovers that this house is very unique, very few are like it. In fact, very few in the world exist. But this New York brownstone does.

Meikle does it again with Broken Sigil. In only 50 some short pages, Meikle is able to weave a multi-layered tale that mixes the Twilight Zone with 1940s noir films and the marriage is absolutely beautiful. Joe has hints of Bogie without being a carbon copy cartoon and it works nicely. You can feel the desparation in the characters as they cling to lost loves.

5 bloody Maltese Falcans out of 5

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